Amazing Wedding Planning Tips by Wedding Planners

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    Amazing Wedding Planning Tips by Wedding Planners

    Weddings are one of the most important thing in any person’s life. They usually happens once in a lifetime and everyone wants it to be perfect. Weddings are a huge deal for us, Pakistani people, as we spend a lot of money on it and we try our best to have the ‘Perfect wedding’.

    We Pakistanis take marriages really seriously, we celebrate it to its fullest and there is not just one or two functions, there are at least 5 to 6 of them and each one of them holds the same importance.

    Things that can go wrong at a Wedding:

    Before selecting an event planner for your wedding, you need to be really sure about them. You need to pick the best one, so that there are no mishaps. So, before choosing one, you need to know few things about them and you also need to know about the things which can go wrong.

    Weddings are a huge responsibility, one as to take care of everything; from guests to arrangements and to every little things. Sometimes things also go out of hand and here are few things, which can happen at a wedding;


    • The Banquet or  Wedding Hall:


    Before deciding the place for your wedding, you need to make sure that it fulfills all of its requirements. If your wedding is in a rainy season, then make sure that you have a lawn, which is fully covered, or else it can be a total disaster, and if it is summer then you need a place which has air conditioning.

    Make sure the place you book for your wedding is reliable. That they have energy backup and can handle difficult situations as well. They Should have Tasty food served to your guest by professional waiters. The Management Should be Friendly and Cooperative.

    The Bride and The Groom:

    The most important people are the bride and the groom. They need someone who is 24/7 with them. Sometimes their clothes and their other small things gets misplaced, so there should be someone who can handle such situations.


    After the bride and the groom, guests are the most important people and one needs to look after them all the time. A lot of time it happens that there are no one to look after the guests and then they get disappointed and sometimes they leave the ceremony as well.

    Guests should be treated with respect and there should be one person appointed to look after them, if they need anything or something like that.


    Pakistani people  just love food and to be honest, food is the main reason why most of the people come to the wedding. A lot of time it has happened that food is less and people are more, and that is really disappointing to be honest.

    Food should always be in a larger quantity, it is better to have more than to have less, especially in a pakistani wedding…

    So, these are few of the things, which you need to take care of as they can easily get out of hand and can make your wedding day a bad memory.

    Also, organizing a wedding is one Tuff job, it is not a one man job, and one needs a whole army to take care of all the things. Weddings, which are held abroad are not similar to the desi weddings. Desi weddings have more functions than them and are more celebrated as well.

    The Best Event Planner of all Time;

    So, if there is a wedding in your family, which is about to happen then you must need to hire an event planner, which can help you with all the things and can make your wedding day a perfect one.

    If you are in Islamabad and there is a wedding about to happen, then you can surely contact “Hello Events”. They are known to be one of the best event planners in Pakistan. They will find you the best wedding services of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    They will save your time and your money as well. They will get you the best wedding services in best discounted price. You can totally trust them and can depend everything on them, they will take care of each and everything.

    They also offer great deals, it is really helpful for people as it saves a lot of their money. You do not have to go out and visit halls and check if they are available on your required date or no, you can just sit at home check it online with the help of their services.

    If you choose them to do your event, then I am sure that you will not regret it, in fact you will be really happy about your decision. You should definitely give them a shot, and should consider them.


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